DREAM believes that it is the school’s responsibility to provide a comprehensive liberal arts education that prepares students for active, engaged citizenship. DREAM's curriculum ensures rigorous instruction that teaches children to think critically and imaginatively.


This curricula is designed to maximize opportunities for students to grapple with big ideas in literature through rich content. It also develops cognitive flexibility and critical thinking through problem solving. All literacy units are integrated with meaningful social studies or science content and a variety of texts.


DREAM's math program centers on a critical-thinking and problem-solving method called Cognitively Guided Instruction. This innovative approach encourages students to develop strategies for solving problems and scaffolds the development of sophistication, efficiency and accuracy in problem solving. As a result, students work with large numbers and complex situations as mandated by Common Core State Standards.


“The goal of our academic program is to develop critical thinkers who are actively engaged in their own learning.” 

- Eve Colavito

Head of School

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