Extended Day/Extended Year

DREAM Charter School aims to create an outstanding school with high achieving students. To do this, we increase the amount of time we spend teaching our children, to ensure they have more opportunities to learn and grow. This approach stands in stark contrast to the vast majority of schools in the East Harlem community and puts our students on track to be exceptional, lifelong learners.


In addition to a longer school day, we recognize the opportunity to develop and nurture our students’ minds at an early age, and invest in 207 days of learning each year, compared to the required 186 days for New York City public schools. 

DREAM Charter School’s annual calendar makes sure that DREAM students are in school for more time, without unnecessarily long breaks in learning. We have two shorter ‘recess periods’ during the summer months rather than one extended vacation, and all students must attend a six-week summer literacy, sports and enrichment program. DREAM’s summer program is designed to prevent students from suffering summer learning loss, a typical problem for at-risk students after having long summer vacations.


Harlem RBI's REAL Kids After-School and Summer Program

All DREAM students are also invited to be a part of Harlem RBI's REAL Kids (Reading and Enrichment Academy for Learning) Program. The REAL Kids program uses the power of team activity to help youth develop academic, social and emotional skills. REAL Kids instills a love of reading in participants that will last a life time. Youth also play in competitive baseball and softball leagues and learn about healthy nutritional habits. Please refer to the Harlem RBI's website for more information.




“The goal of our academic program is to develop critical thinkers who are actively engaged in their own learning.” 

- Eve Colavito

Head of School

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