DREAM aims to train mathematicians who think mathematically, reason mathematically and have a mathematical understanding of the world. DREAM students are able to ‘do math’ as well as ‘understand math.’ DREAM encourages students to think creatively, develop their own problem-solving strategies and work cooperatively. Students write, draw and talk about math as well as use manipulatives, calculators and computers.


DREAM’s mathematics program consists of two components:


  • Investigations in Number Data and Space (INDS) is the core of the mathematics program at DREAM, and is supported by City College’s Mathematics in the City Teacher Enhancement and Professional Development Program.
  • Ten Minute Math math lessons build basic skills each day, first thing in the morning and are organized by skill and implemented to review, reinforce and introduce new basic math skills.



“The goal of our academic program is to develop critical thinkers who are actively engaged in their own learning.” 

- Eve Colavito

Head of School

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